📪Get Started

The Get Started screen in CW POS provides access to the key features of Add Product, Manage Stores, and Manage Preferences. With this screen, you can get up and running with CW POS in no time.

Add Product

"Add Product" feature, allows you to easily add new products to your store's inventory. With just a click, you can input various details such as product name, SKU, description, price, tax rate, image, and link it to your product catalogue.

You can start processing transactions once you have added products to your inventory. The default till serves as a point of sale for your store and can be easily managed and monitored through the CW POS system. This feature allows for easy and efficient sales processing, ensuring that your store can start making sales as soon as possible.

Manage Stores

With "Manage Stores" feature, you can add new stores and tills, assign users to specific stores and tills, and manage access and permissions for each user. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of your entire store network and enables you to efficiently manage your sales operations from one centralized location.

Manage Preferences

The "Manage Settings" feature in CW POS allows you to customize and control the settings within your account. This includes setting up tax rates, configuring payment options, managing discounts and promotions, and more. With this feature, you can tailor your point of sale system to meet the specific needs of your business, giving you greater control and flexibility over your sales operations.

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