Daily Sales Report

The Daily Sales Report in CW POS provides a detailed breakdown of the daily sales transactions made by the store. The report includes the following columns:

  • Store: The name or location of the store where the sales transaction was made.

  • Customer: The name of the customer who made the purchase.

  • Date Ordered: The date on which the order was placed.

  • Order Time: The time at which the order was placed.

  • Document Number: The unique identification number of the document or order.

  • Document Type: The type of document or order, such as Sales Order or Sales Invoice.

  • Sale Type: The type of sale, such as In-Store or Online.

  • QTY: The total quantity of items sold in the transaction.

  • Total Tax Amount: The total amount of tax charged for the transaction.

  • Total Net Amount: The net amount of the transaction, after tax and discounts have been applied.

  • Total Gross Amount: The total amount of the transaction, including tax and any applicable discounts.

This report is useful for tracking the daily sales activity of a store and identifying trends in customer behavior and purchasing patterns. It can also help store owners and managers identify areas for improvement in their sales processes and customer service.

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