Sales Returns Report

The Sales Returns Report in CW POS provides details of the returns made by customers. The report typically includes the following columns:

  • Store: The store where the return was made

  • Order Date: The date when the original sale was made

  • SO Number: The sales order number of the original sale

  • Product Catalogue: The catalog or category of the product returned

  • Product: The name or SKU of the returned product

  • Batch: The batch or lot number of the returned product

  • UOM: The unit of measure of the returned product

  • Return: The type of return made (e.g., defective, incorrect item, etc.)

  • Order QTY: The original quantity of the product sold

  • Return QTY: The quantity of the product returned

  • Unit Price: The price of the product per unit

  • Total Amount: The total amount of the return

This report can be useful in identifying the reasons for returns and in tracking the performance of the business in terms of customer satisfaction and product quality.

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